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(Aug 07 - 09)
Yogis Birthday Weekend
Yogi Bear™, Boo Boo™, Cindy Bear™ and Ranger Smith™ are excited to have you come visit them at Yogi on the Lake.

 Memorial Day (May 22 - 25)
 Independence Day (July 2 - 5)
 Labor Day (Sept 4 - 7)

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Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort and the south's Best Kept Secret!
Located in Pelahatchie, MS just 15 miles east of Mississippi's state capitol, Jackson. Yogi on the Lake is the perfect family vacation destination in the south. The friendly, clean and active atmosphere will greet you and make your stay with us one of your most memorable camping vacation experiences of the year.
We have many activities for you and your family to enjoy. Join us daily for the flag raising ceremony with Yogi Bear™. Bring the kids and join our activity staff for crafts, games. Our themed activity weeks offer you a chance to choose vacation dates that will excite everyone in your family.
Fox 40 Trip Through Jellystone Park
By: Central MS Business Break

Yogi and his staff send out special birthday wishes this week to:
Caleb Y. (turning 9 on Aug. 1st)
Ashlyn G. (turning 7 on Aug. 1st)
Cayden C. (turning 12 on Aug. 1st)
Cayden C. (turning 12 on Aug. 1st)
Katie D. (turning 14 on Aug. 1st)
Connor M. (turning 11 on Aug. 1st)
Sydney T. (turning 10 on Aug. 2nd)
Sadie Klaire G. (turning 8 on Aug. 2nd)
Maggie R. (turning 11 on Aug. 2nd)
Charles K. (turning 30 on Aug. 2nd)
Julia W. (turning 30 on Aug. 2nd)
Cooler111 T. (turning 30 on Aug. 2nd)
Cole H. (turning 30 on Aug. 2nd)
Samantha Y. (turning 30 on Aug. 2nd)
Micah C. (turning 8 on Aug. 2nd)
Joseph W. (turning 13 on Aug. 2nd)
Lane W. (turning 16 on Aug. 2nd)
Padaris L. (turning 8 on Aug. 3rd)
Bryson H. (turning 5 on Aug. 3rd)
Katelyn P. (turning 10 on Aug. 3rd)
Mason S. (turning 6 on Aug. 3rd)
Alona W. (turning 9 on Aug. 3rd)
Gracie P. (turning 11 on Aug. 3rd)
Taylor E. (turning 16 on Aug. 3rd)
Lorelai B. (turning 9 on Aug. 3rd)
Brantley P. (turning 2 on Aug. 3rd)
My'lisa C. (turning 4 on Aug. 3rd)
Jakavian W. (turning 9 on Aug. 3rd)
Austin C. (turning 11 on Aug. 4th)
Lexie W. (turning 9 on Aug. 4th)
Heyjew J. (celebrating on Aug. 4th)
Brianna Z. (celebrating on Aug. 4th)
Ashley G. (celebrating on Aug. 4th)
Ryan T. (celebrating on Aug. 4th)
Miguel T. (celebrating on Aug. 4th)
Aniyah Kyles (turning 6 on Aug. 4th)
Aniyah K. (turning 6 on Aug. 4th)
Taelor M. (turning 11 on Aug. 4th)
Casey W. (turning 5 on Aug. 4th)
Jasper R. (turning 6 on Aug. 5th)
Jasper R. (turning 6 on Aug. 5th)
Zackery M. (turning 12 on Aug. 5th)
Bryan V. (turning 7 on Aug. 5th)
Ayden B. (turning 8 on Aug. 5th)
Amelia I. (celebrating on Aug. 5th)
Miguel R. (celebrating on Aug. 5th)
Parker T. (celebrating on Aug. 5th)
Coolman A. (celebrating on Aug. 5th)
Owen W. (celebrating on Aug. 5th)
Alex P. (celebrating on Aug. 5th)
Jozef V. (celebrating on Aug. 5th)
Julia W. (celebrating on Aug. 5th)
Erin S. (celebrating on Aug. 5th)
Isabelle D. (celebrating on Aug. 5th)
Kaelynne L. (turning 9 on Aug. 5th)
Matt D. (celebrating on Aug. 6th)
Lura A. (turning 2 on Aug. 6th)
Bella T. (turning 4 on Aug. 6th)
Jaylon I. (turning 8 on Aug. 6th)
Tyron M. (turning 6 on Aug. 7th)
Addison B. (turning 9 on Aug. 7th)
Conner B. (turning 6 on Aug. 7th)
Ashlyn M. (turning 9 on Aug. 7th)
Addison B. (turning 9 on Aug. 7th)
Anna A. (turning 9 on Aug. 7th)
Katelyn W. (turning 15 on Aug. 7th)
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Stay on one of our spacious full hookup RV sites or in one of our cabins, which are designed to offer the convenience of home in a quiet wooded setting right on Pelahatchie Lake.
For your convenience, you can make your reservation on-line. Come see for yourself why others have chosen Yogi on the Lake as their camping destination.

We look forward to making your next vacation the best ever!

2014 Awards

 Facility  9.0    Restrooms  10.0*    Appeal  10.0
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