Camping Recipes at Jellystone Park™ Pelahatchie

Do you smell that? Marshmallows roasting over an open fire, a delicious dip steaming up from flames, it’s time to gather up your favorite camping recipes. The camping season is around the corner and so are all the delicious dips and dishes we’ve come to love. Get ready to start up the fire, pack those picnic lunches, and excite your tastebuds with some of these delightful food ideas.

From sweet to savory, here are a few camping recipes to try during your next trip to Jellystone Park™ Pelahatchie.

10 Camping recipes for your next family vacation
1. Campfire dips

Grab a cast iron skillet and your favorite warm dips and try them over the open fire. Spinach artichoke, queso, bean dip, chili cheese, it doesn’t matter!

2. Foil dinners

One of the most popular camping recipes, foil dinners stand the test of time. Chop up your favorite veggies, add some butter, and steam them over the campfire.

3. Kabobs

Let your family create their own kabob. Skewer your favorite meats and veggies and grill them up!

4. Mac N Cheese

Grab your Dutch oven, its time for some creamy, delicious Mac & Cheese.

5. Trail Mix

Looking for some camping recipes that don’t require a campfire. Simply grab your favorite nuts, dried fruits and berries, granola, and even chocolate and create a delicious trail mix.

6. Lunch wraps

Lunch wraps are another great way to eat a simple, heat-free snack.

7. Campfire soups

Chili, minestrone, beef stew, or broccoli cheddar, try cooking your favorite soups over the fire.

8. Pudgy Pie

Grab a pudgy pie tool and your favorite filling.

9. Breakfast skillet

Dump your favorite savory omelet items together for a scramble.

10. Personal campfire pizzas

Grab some pre-made pizza dough, and all your family’s favorite pizza toppings for one the most customizable and fun camping recipes out there.

Whether you’re staying in a cabin or a premium RV site, there are so many delicious ways to use your personal fire pit and picnic table at Jellystone Park™ Pelahatchie. These 10 tasty camping recipes are just the start! So, chop up some veggies, start some kabobs, and grab our favorite pie fillings, it’s time to cook up a camping treat you’ll come to crave.

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