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No matter if you enjoy RV camping getaways with the family in the winter, spring, summer, or fall, Jellystone Park™ Pelahatchie is open year-round, welcoming campers to all kinds of outdoor adventure and family fun at affordable rates. Besides being a member of our Club Yogi™ Rewards Program, guests can take advantage of special deals and offers throughout the year. So while you book your next RV trip, take a few minutes to not only discover ways you can save on your stay but check out these easy RV tips for saving money on your travels to Jellystone Park™.

RV Tips for Saving Money on Fuel
Tip 1: Slow down and maintain a steady pace

In regards to how your driving style affects your fuel consumption, the following actions can burn fuel quicker:

  • Driving fast
  • Accelerating often
  • Braking often

Learning to drive an RV means adapting to a new driving style. Slowing down your pace and utilizing cruise control is not only safe driving, but it cuts down on fuel usage.

Tip 2: Check the tire pressure

Factors like temperature and elevation affect tire pressure. Maintaining properly inflated tires not only fits in the realm of safety RV tips, as this practice can reduce wear and tear on the wheels. It also helps in saving money on fuel. Make it a habit to regularly check your tires and/or invest in a tire monitoring system.

Tip 3: Download apps like GasBuddy and sign up for loyalty programs

Apps like GasBuddy are free to download and help you find the cheapest fuel along your route. In addition, you can save even more if you sign up for fuel station loyalty cards like Pilot/Flying J Rewards Programs. Or opt to pay with a credit card that earns you cash back on fuel purchases.

Tip 4: Lighten your load

While some of us want to make sure we have the RV packed and ready for any situation that may arise on a family camping trip, stocking the RV with only the basics helps with fuel efficiency. Anything you can do to decrease weight helps, including:

  • Leaving the extra chairs and tables at home. Each campsite at Jellystone Park™ Pelahatchie comes with a picnic table.
  • Avoid completely filling up the freshwater tank. Instead, only take the amount you’ll need for the trip over.
Tip 5: Leave the tow vehicle at home

Speaking of lightening the load, the last of the RV tips for saving money are for folks who travel in motorhomes or toy haulers. Save on gas by leaving your tow vehicles or extra toys at home. Camping at Jellystone Park™ Pelahatchie is a vacation destination in itself. With conveniences like a camp store and cafe and endless outdoor activities, planned events, and theme weekends to enjoy, you may not need those extra vehicles. Plus, Jellystone Park™ offers golf cart rentals so you can quickly get around the park and not miss out on the action!

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