Have a ball y’all! Whether your favorite winter holiday is Christmas, Kwanzaa or Chanukah you’ll have a great time at Yogi Bear’s Christmas in July at Jellystone Park Pelahatchie/Yogi on the Lake. So, get the Christmas decorations out of the attic and decorate your site. Can’t find the holiday ornaments? Get the kids to make decorations using ordinary items you have around the RV anyway!

  • It wouldn’t be a holiday without a traditional holiday meal, but who wants to heat up the kitchen? Not you! How about a cool, refreshing version of the holiday feast with sliced turkey from the deli counter, a big fresh green bean salad and home-made cranberry-cherry popsicles. Your kids will love them!
  • This is one ‘Christmas’ when you can actually go swimming. Put on your red or green swimsuit and head out to the pool, the lake or the splash pad. Treat the Baby Bears to swim-themed holiday gifts for even more watery fun.
  • Or visit the Ranger Station for holiday gifts for everybody, like fuzzy-wuzzy Yogi Bear slippers, Yogi Bear tee-shirts, and Yogi Bear toys.

Jingle in July happens at Jellystone Park Pelahatchie July 24th – 26th. Activities include cookies with Santa, carols by candlelight and tree decorating with Yogi Bear!

And while you’re filled with holiday spirit, how about sticking around for Boo Boo’s Back to School Bash?

The 2nd Annual Boo Boo Back to School Bash benefits our local outreach program ERCO – Ever Reaching Community Outreach – an organization that supplies goods and services to folks in need. Campers who bring in a book bag filled with school supplies will receive 4 free day passes to enjoy on July 29th, so bring your donation in early and enjoy the whole day. Last year was our first year and we collected over 40 book bags – let’s come together and beat that total in 2020! Hope to see you on July 29th to benefit a really good cause!

PLEASE NOTE: With the COVID 19 occupancy levels, we are having to modify this event. We would love for you to still participate and receive the four free day passes. We will not be able to guarantee usage on July 29th, so we are extending them to be able to be used through September 1, 2021! Passes will be able to be used Monday through Thursdays as occupancy permits. Please note, due to current occupancy restrictions, we are asking that you call to verify Day Use is open before coming.

Reserve Now for Christmas in July, Boo Boo Back to School Bash or whatever dates suit you best!

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