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    Campers Ask Yogi Bear | Jellystone Park
    Campers Ask Yogi Bear

    Dear Yogi Bear Why do you live in Jellystone Park? Why not a park close to me? That way I could visit you anytime, instead…

    Jellystone Park Day Pass | Jellystone Splash Park
    It’s Splash Park Season

    Gee whiz! A couple of weeks ago we actually had a minute or two of SNOW! And now Splash Park Season is here. It’s time…

    Fishing | February Fun | Jellystone Park
    Great Aromas and Fishing in the Great Outdoors

    When our ancestors crossed the plains in covered wagons, they gazed upon America’s vast open spaces and breathed fresh air and great smells, like… Smoky…

    February at Jellystone | Love Your Pet Day
    February Means Jelly Donuts at Jellystone, plus Groundhogs and Dogs

    February – the shortest month offers the biggest fun! Just in case you need another reason to visit Jellystone Pelahatchie/Yogi on the Lake (the best…

    Dogs at Jellystone Park™Pelahatchie / Yogi on the Lake

    Yogi Bear™ and his buddies aren’t the only animals to be found around here…Jellystone Park™ Pelahatchie is a regular paradise for dogs! Dogs in RVs…

    Where Do Fish Go in Winter | Hibernating Fish
    Where Do Fish Go in Winter?

    When people want to escape the cold of winter weather, they load the family into the RV and head for someplace warmer, like Jellystone Park…

    RV Holiday Gifts| Giving Books
    RV Holiday Gifts and the NEW Three Rs

    The three Rs used to mean Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic. If you are spending the holidays at Jellystone Pelahatchie/Yogi on the Lake, you know the…

    December at Jellystone | Christmas at Jellystone
    No Chimney? No Worries!

    Santa Claus knows how to get into your RV anyway. Join us this December for holiday fun every weekend through the end of the year…

    Thanksgiving with Yogi Bear | Thanksgiving at Jellystone
    Campsgiving with Yogi Bear

    Other bears might celebrate Thanksgiving, but not Yogi Bear. He celebrates Campsgiving – a unique holiday celebration right here at Jellystone Park. Here at the…

    Glamping for Families | Glamping at Jellystone Park
    Family Glamping with Yogi Bear

    Yogi Bear is one fancy guy – he even wears a neck tie in the woods! You can be a fancy camper too when you…

    Jellystone Mississippi
    Fabulous Fun Every Day in Fall!

    Why limit your Yogi Bear fun to weekends? The weather at Jellystone Mississippi is beautiful in the Fall, the kids can attend online lessons with…

    Yogi Bear Halloween | Jellystone Halloween
    Yogi Bear’s Halloween

    It’s Halloween at Yogi on the Lake. Five fun-filled fanciful weekends of costumes, candy, camping, and so much more on the Annual Trail of Terror!…

    Yogi Bear’s Birthday | Yogi Bear's Birthday Party
    Mommy, When Is Yogi Bear’s Birthday?

    Yogi Bear was already a successful cartoon TV star who used to rob campers of their pic-a-nic baskets with his little buddy Boo Boo, when…

    Cabins at Jellystone Park
    No RV? No Problem! Yogi Bear Has A Cabin For You!

    Still plenty of summer left, and the whole family wants to visit Yogi Bear before the school year starts. You can do it! Jellystone Park…

    First RV Trip with Family | Rent an RV - Image by:
    Your First RV Trip with Family to Jellystone Park

    So, your kids want to take an adventurous road trip along the way to meet Yogi Bear, but you don’t have an RV to visit…

    Christmas in July at Jellystone
    Christmas in July With Yogi Bear

    Have a ball y’all! Whether your favorite winter holiday is Christmas, Kwanzaa or Chanukah you’ll have a great time at Yogi Bear’s Christmas in July…

    Swimming at Jellystone Park
    Bears Love Swimming at Jellystone Park

    …and your li’l cub loves water too! Come visit Jellystone Pelahatchie/Yogi On The Lake for all the swimming and splashing your baby bear is dreaming…

    Tent Camping at Jellystone
    Cindy Bear’s Tent Camping Tips

    Cindy Bear says, “Get really close to nature when you camp in a tent at Jellystone Pelahatchie/Yogi on the Lake. Tent campers have access to…

    Jellystone picnic | Family Picnic
    A Tisket, A Tasket – Yogi’s Got Your Jellystone Picnic Basket

    It’s summertime at Yogi-On-The-Lake and just right for a family picnic (or pic-a-nic, as Yogi would say) under the trees. So, pack your basket and…

    Birthday parties at Jellystone Mississippi
    Birthday parties at Jellystone Mississippi – Your Li’l Cub Meets Yogi Bear

    Hey Mama Bear and Papa Bear, What’s the one thing in the whole entire world your Baby Bear wants to do for their birthday? That’s…

    Long weekend at Jellystone Park
    Your Perfect Family Weekend at Jellystone Park

    Three-day weekends are especially awesome at Jellystone Park Pelahatchie, (also known as Yogi on the Lake). We’re snuggled up to Lake Pelahatchie, near Jackson, Mississippi….

    COVID 19 and our 2020 Camping Season Update

    Thank you for being a valued guest. We continue to monitor recommendations from the CDC and modify procedures and policies as appropriate. **Updated 7/12/2020: Hello…

    Fishing in Pelahatchie
    Great Fishing in Pelahatchie

    Fishing is loads of fun! Just ask any of the 50 million people in the United States who are active anglers. More people fish in…

    Family Camping | Camping with Teens
    Top Family Camping Activities at Pelahatchie

    Are you ready to fire up your competitive spirit? Gather up the kids and head on down to our sporty grounds for some great fun….

    Group Camping | Groups and Rallies | RV Rallies
    Hold Your Groups and Rallies at Jellystone Pelahatchie

    Do you have an upcoming family reunion or special event that you need to host? Well then look no further than Jellystone Pelahatchie for your…

    Great Winter Camping in Pelahatchie
    Great Winter Camping in Pelahatchie

    Everyone needs to escape the dreary, damp winter weather at some point, especially during these cold, darker days. What you need is something different, fun…

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